Full Metal Javascript

Wednesday 11 Mar 2015 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Scott Southworth and Landon Barnickle will present two talks this month.

Please bring a laptop to follow along — we’re planning to take control of every laptop in the room as part of the presentation… It’ll be fun… for us.

  • Landon Barnickle

    Full Metal Javascript: Going Full Stack on a Windows Network

    by Landon Barnickle

    Stuck in a conservative Microsoft-centric intranet? Run Node under the covers, sneak in with Windows Authentication and abscond with all the data you can find in SQL Server.


    Development, connectivity and deployment strategies with SPA and SOA.

  • Scott Southworth

    Sneak Peek: Cognition Javascript Framework

    by Scott Southworth

    Designed to replace Flex (or Angular or Sencha or GWT) in the enterprise, a preview of the upcoming open-source framework with the modularity of React and the simple extensibility of jQuery. And absolutely no capacity for SEO.


    We’ll be demoing these with HCA’s Transaction Lifecycle Management platform, an auditing system for message metadata that provides data visualizations for billions of point-to-point message transactions in near real-time. (Note: for those concerned, there is no personal Public Health Information in this system and some data will be de-identified —— for instance, HCA does not actually have a facility named ‘The Hospital of Bouncing Bunnies’ or a message type of ‘Cinnamon’).

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