Advanced Debugging with Dev Tools - Wayne Elgin

Wednesday 9 Mar 2016 from 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Debugging JavaScript apps can be frustrating, usually defaulting to console logs to get info out of your app. However, this alone is not only inefficient, logs can often result in erratic output, depending upon the nature of the object. 

In this session, Wayne will demonstrate features of Chrome Dev Tools that allow developers of every skill level to step through their application's code during even such difficult-to-debug scenarios as asynchronous callbacks, race conditions, and poor performance. He will also demonstrate the use of some new and powerful CSS debugging features that are unknown to many developers.

people attended this meetup
  • Darrin Dickey
  • richard benson
  • uday Dutta
  • Taylor Shuff
  • Brien Pafford
  • Patrik Meijer
  • Kevin Kingsbury
  • Qishen Zhang
  • Michael Pace
  • Dayne Wright
  • Tyson Cadenhead
  • Kris Unnikannan